The real Maldives

I travel to dive and to get perspective on the world myself and everything. The challenge is to experience something I don’t already know. I want to learn and explore. So here comes what I wish to share with my friends and my view of the Maldives!

The Maldives isn’t only beaches and sunsets but also a quite different country politically being a muslim state. It’s not allowed to drink alcohol or wear bikinis in public – but the attitude changes in between islands and of course the rules don’t apply in the resorts. But if you go to a resort to relax do you ever see the true Maldives?

So we can’t expect the western standard that I’m used to but I don’t think that’s what I want to see going abroad. On the equator it rains a lot which gives mosquitoes optimal environments with frequent puddles. The standard of healthcare is poor and people manage on little. On the other side I have never seen a people that is so good on the water and in the water. Everywhere you go you go by boat so all people know how to handle the seas. Children free dive with manta rays! People are expert freedivers and even dive without weights which I didn’t think was possible.


Author: experiencetravellerblog

Diving, hiking, trail running - love a good view! Travel to experience tropical waters and high alpine environments. To see the world and myself from different perspectives. Join the experience!

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