Bat crazy!

The only way to shoot wild animals is with a camera. But it’s so hard!

I need to have goals. This year my goal is to learn more about photography – I realised the need in the Maldives. I went to the Maldives for 4 weeks in november 2015 with my Gopro and my compact camera and even though I’m so happy about the pictures capturing the experiences there much of the beauty does not stick on the photos.

One thing that makes is much harder but also more fun is trying to get all the animals. On several islands in the Maldives they have large fruit bats, something I had never seen before. These beautiful animals circling above the trees like birds but are in fact flying mammals. So much fun watching them!


I became bat crazy and tried to find out where to see the bats and tried to photo them. Their flight is soundless and nothing like birds since they flap their wings to decelerate whilst landing so their trajectory is incredibly hard to predict. It was a challenge and I realised I need a faster and brighter camera. That is why I when I went home got a used Nikon D700 to learn more about taking the fun things about life and travel home to be experienced whenever we like.



Author: experiencetravellerblog

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