Two weeks in beautiful Thailand

When I landed in Thailand my surface interval had come to 10 weeks since the Maldives. I have three weeks off work and two of them I spent in Thailand. This is a shorter trip than usual so I decided to go to PhiPhi Island to explore, dive, relax and reflect after my first polar winter living in Kiruna Swedish Lapland.

Leaving Sweden:

I’m so incredibly happy to be able to do the things I do. Travel, dive, explore, experience. Learning new skills and living this life fills me with joy. It’s worth sacrificing other things – like being home on christmas – always having full days at work and training after that. Trying to do something good for myself and finding out what I really want from  life? Maybe? It’s an ongoing progress.

I’m trying to take steps forward with a goal, but remember to enjoy life. I sometimes work too hard and put too much pressure on myself. I’m strong but fragile and sometimes I break. I have to take better care of myself.

I try to fit everything in perfectly, to be efficient and productive but what happens is I tend to break myself down trying to build myself up. That’s an odd fact about me.

I try to understand myself and get better at the things I want to dedicate my life to. Whatever that might be, being in the water is a part of it – that much I know. Understanding life is an eternal quest but I try to find my way travelling.

My plans actually failed just arriving to Phuket Airport and missing the boat to PhiPhi Island so I got a pitstop in Phuket Town where I hadn’t stayed before. Travelling one has to learn to change their plans and I think it’s an important lesson to not freak out over change.




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Diving, hiking, trail running - love a good view! Travel to experience tropical waters and high alpine environments. To see the world and myself from different perspectives. Join the experience!

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