Visiting Koh Phi Phi

smalbild2PhiPhi Islands is a big tourist attraction, I knew this going there. It’s a beautiful island in Thailand and some complain that it’s not as nice as before the tsunami but it’s still beautiful and with a good vibe. I like travelling to islands since it’s often more relaxed and not as many tourists. PhiPhi Islands is close to Phuket and turned out to be a real party island, so not so chilled as many other islands. All the bars are pulling you in with big fire shows and many people party all day and all night. It’s less expensive than Phuket and a drink for around 100 TBH is a bit too hard to resist as you meet lots of people and have a good time.

There aren’t many stands with T-shirts and decorations but the the more tattoo-shops and street food stands. I’ve eaten almost only streetfood this trip and had no problems at all. As there are many Burmese business owners as well as Thai there is plenty to choose from if you’re not crazy about thai food as I am.

I met, talked to, dived with and partied with people of many nationalities. Nice seeing more people are travelling from South America now – which I hadn’t seen much of before. All nationalities of Europeans, Americans, Asians, Australians. Nice to sit on the beach and discuss everything from Zika virus with someone from Brazil to hot air balloons with a Danish calling himself Tom Cruise.


Author: experiencetravellerblog

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