Scuba diving on PhiPhi

Scuba diving from PhiPhi is very nice since they have a national reserve just outside of the main island. It’s not so many dive sites, but if you just want to make a few dives it’s easy and cheap. No long transports and a relaxing time on the boat parked in Maya bay for surface intervals.

I’m primarily a scuba diver but this trip was dedicated to learning freediving and also I didn’t get much scuba since the visibility was low caused by the changing tide. As this is such a short trip for me – only two weeks – I couldn’t wait out the tide and dive after. I did a few dives and it was nice to get into the water. See soft coral, sharks, cuttlefish and turtles even though visibility was low (3-7m). I wanted to go to Hin Daeng but due to rough seas it was not reachable.

Always nice being in the water. A bit like running in the dark with a headlight knowing just what lies before you but this was with a opaque wall of white. Happy as a clam one could say, the clams were indeed happy in this water.



Author: experiencetravellerblog

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