The trip to Hemavan from Kiruna

smalbildAfter two weeks in tropical water I have one week left on my hands. After one day spent trying to get my head straight and my gear ready me and a friend left in my car going to the Hemavan ski centre. 680 km south road through Norway and 610 km north through Sweden on the way back.


Starting in Kiruna Swedish Lapland and going past Narvik and south on the coast of Norway was truly beautiful. From Kiruna we drove past Abisko, capital of the Northern lights. Lake Torne träsk covered in snow and snowmobile tracks. Then you quickly pass to a different climate zone as we get to the border of Norway.

With northern Norway being close to the golfstream the weather changes drastically as we drove west. Immediately you get pine trees and spruce instead of only birch and salix. Less snow and much warmer temperatures.

We stopped in Narvik to heat up some food on our gas kitchen and wanted to find somewhere with a view. We go even more of a view than we could ever imagine as we happened upon dolphins. Up to 40 of them hunting as a group following fish into the fjord. Black fins going up and down up and down as they swim. That’s a very rare occurrence. Unfortunately I have yet to get a zoom lens for my camera – that hurt a bit in this moment!

We took turns driving on the icy roads. We stopped on a few places, one of them to take pictures of this beautiful fjord.

Since it was a 10h drive according to google we had decided to sleep one night in Norway. The coast is special with fjords, changing tides, ferries and long tunnels. The mountains get more flat as you come to around the the polar circle.

It was quite a drive. And even though it added a few hours to the trip and an extra night it was well worth it. Being on the road I feel like a traveller and I love it. smalbild5l


Author: experiencetravellerblog

Diving, hiking, trail running - love a good view! Travel to experience tropical waters and high alpine environments. To see the world and myself from different perspectives. Join the experience!

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