The trick to travel

I sometimes feel like I stand still and nothing happens – but I’m wrong. 

Today I looked through old pictures and realised I have come so far. Both as a person, a diver and with bringing home photos.

I’m just a normal person with a desire to be active. I love being in water – weightless in a 3D-environment where you can play around in the beauty of the sea. Once discovered, who could resist exploring this new world?

One thing has led to another. Chilling out on Koh Tao and looking for a life where I can feel more relaxed. Being exposed to Chinese culture in Thailand led to me going to Singapore for Chinese New Year. Seeing my first manta ray in Bali led to going to the Maldives. Finding out how easy it is to take a flight in Asia and get somewhere else on a whim made me end up on Gilli Travagan – one of the most exotic places I have visited. Meeting people in Thailand made me come to Gozo Malta. I could go on….

I’m taking an interest in the world and letting go of my ties home

The trick to travel is not to stress about it. I have been travelling for work as a travelling pharmacist for almost 3 years now and mixing this with taking time off to dive around the world. The hours in airports, on planes, boats, trains – waiting – aren’t great but you just have to relax and think “this gives med time to read”or “this takes me places”.


For work I’ve been everywhere in Sweden from southern Karlskrona to northern Kiruna. Getting to know the country I’m born in better.

Often you get more out of it if you travel just a little further than most people. Get away from the crowds and tourists traps – but of course it depend on what you are after. If you want a restful week with beer and a place in the sun you don’t have to travel far – but if you want to see something really different the trip will be worth it.

Six months ago I moved up to Kiruna to take a permanent job in a small mining community above the polar circle. The conditions are very special up here. Snow from October to May, over a month of polar winter, record -42C this winter, auroras… It’s a great place for outdoor activities. Hiking and winter sports, true serenity and calm like you can’t find in many places on earth. It’s remote from everything but the wilderness, which is right out the the door. The mine that keeps the area alive is world renowned as it forces us to move the whole city.

Change is constant and I have transformed by travelling and challenging the way things “are supposed to be” – to be more like myself. Evolving. Some people actually tell me: “I never thought you would…” dive the world, move north…. some actually admire that I have taken control of my life. But it’s not without sacrifice. I have worked to achieve this and sometimes I’m just lonely here waiting for my next trip to a warm country. For instance I have worked 5 christmas holidays in a row now. But I’m proud to be sitting here at my computer enjoying my new desktop image and going to Nikkaluokta tomorrow. Let the adventure continue. Untitled-1




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Diving, hiking, trail running - love a good view! Travel to experience tropical waters and high alpine environments. To see the world and myself from different perspectives. Join the experience!

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