Nikkaloukta Swedish Lapland for easter

_SB72865smalbildI’m not working this easter holiday so me and a friend decided to rent a cabin in Nikkaluokta which is a 60km drive from Kiruna. This is where you start if you want to climb the highest mountain in Sweden – mt Kebnekaise. I want to climb it in summer but definitely not during winter. It’s still early in the season and even during summer Swedish Lapland is known for treacherous weather. You have to be careful and plan ahead.


We rented a cabin at Nikkaluokta Sarri ( and they were increadibly friendly and caring. They arrange accommodation, have a good restaurant and snowmobile taxi, among other activities. They keep the Sami traditions alive and sell some top notch handicraft. They also have the cutest key holders.

We enjoyed ourselves on cross country skis. This was my first time trying so I’m happy I could do daytrips. The first day we just tried the ski tracks. There are 3/5/9km ski tracks to choose from.

The second day we took the snowmobile tracks to lake Lattjojaure which is 5 km one way along marvellous terrain. I felt proud making 10km on my second day skiing ever and we had some good fun, a little bit of exercise and great weather.

During winter tourists either ski to the lake or take snowmobile taxi if they want to go to the Kebnekaise station which is 20km away. During summer you can take a boat on lake Lattjojaure to lessen the distance of the hike to Kebnekaise station. It’s a beautiful place to visit in all seasons!


We heated some Swedish rice porridge at the lake on a gas kitchen. They are however building a restaurant called ENOKS restaurang and they have the fast food joint Lapp Donalds with meat from reindeer and moose. Both were closed right now. If you look at the picture of the restaurant in front of the entrance I think you can suspect one of the builders is a little bit younger than average.

Has been good getting away for a couple of days and spending time outdoors. Relaxing to be out in the sun and being active and not thinking about the usual stuff. A great mini vacation in a wonderful location.


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