Climate in Northern Scandinavia

So, for the weekend I drove north into northern Norway. It’s a very special place and a big contrast in a short distance. I choose a route based on the weather report. On the Norwegian side I trust more and on the Swedish side I trust most.

Due to the effects of the Gulf Stream these parts of Scandinavia located above the arctic circle aren’t as cold as many people think. I had to struggle to find a map accurately depicting the climate zones of northern Scandinavia. Since many maps put the July +10C isotherm (the meteorological definition of summer) well south of these areas which would characterize them as arctic which they are not. Going from Kiruna  where we have a couple of months of below -30C per year, to northern Norway we rapidly transfer between zones and end up in the same zone as for example Belin.   växtzonerThe most northern picture of the trip (spring). +10C and sunny, farmable land with snow only on the mountaintops. _SB73802

And the most southern picture of the trip (spring winter). 0C and around 1m of snow. Did you know that Swedish Lapland has an extra season? It’s called spring winter since it’s spring as the light comes, temperatures rises and such but we have months left of snow._SB72988.jpg


When I travel the world I get to hear the reactions of what people believe of living this far north. Of course you have to mind the weather being above the arctic circle but there are no polar bears. I left Kiruna for the weekend to experience the charm of Norway,  the warmth of spring next to snow covered mountains. More coming soon.


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