Andröja – island number two

In northern Norway you can get a completely different island hopping experience. This island was purely marvelous! Just getting to the island was really worth taking pictures. I thought it was a beautiful road to drive on the edge between the water and the mountains getting on the first bridge.

But when I stopped on the other side I saw this – and it was even better!

Andröja is a small and sparsely populated island and from the landscape I guess you can see why? There is not much flat ground, but for people willing to go the distance you could get the best view ever from your kitchen window. All the seasons are much more beautiful up north since the light is different. Both due to the lack of air pollution from central Europe and of course because of the ever changing light from polar night to midsummer sun.


I parked the car on the best spot I found and ate in the wild and slept in the car this night. One person came by and said hello, he was with Andröja  Adventures that does things like heliskiing, but except from when the ferry came in human contact was minimal.


So I had all of this beauty to myself and since I spent the night I could take pictures both as the sun set and in the morning. What a luxury to sleep outdoors (?). They say it’s in being out – and I guess it is. Haunted by multitasking in my everyday environment I find some calm in not being able to do ten different things all at the same time. I get another focus but I also have to fight in my head with boredom being addicted to stress. Some people say

“We don’t need more multitasking – we need more monotasking”

Looking at how trendy it is to be “offline” nowadays you can say we are feeling the call of the wild.

Sunsets and views larger than ourselves are therapeutic

The next morning I was going to the ferry to Harstad and since I couldn’t stop taking photos of everything I ended up being in a hurry. But I did see two dolphins close to a fish farm!

The road from Utöja to the Harstad ferry starts with a steep serpentine road and continues into a badly lit tunnel that was 3,4 km long and made me have to equalize twice. I turned on my high beams and it felt like it made absolutely no difference. Driving fast on small Norwegian roads is not the easiest thing if you are interested in arriving alive. I was driving as fast as I could not to get smashed by another car or the mountainside.  At least it’s easy to keep the speed limit in Norway.

I arrived as the ferry was onloading and got on and enjoyed the view.


Another thing that is beautiful here is the bridges connecting the islands, see Bridges.


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