You’ve gotta love Norway

This weekend road trip goes to Norway to experience real spring not too far away. I’m trying out my new , or actually really old and used, Nikkor 28-105mm lens. I love having projects like learning more about photography, it gives me a good excuse to get outdoors. Like diving is a good excuse to travel the world.

The Swedish mountains are rounded and we have still much snow on the ground. I drive past Abisko, Björkliden, Riksgränsen which all are skiing (winter) or hiking (summer) spots. I’m not the only one going north, the locals are going to their cabins or caravans with their snowmobiles every weekend here.

Entering Norway there is hardly any snow on the ground. I enjoy the contrast of the fjords with water from the Atlantic coming in next to beautiful white mountaintops. It’s a completely different climate zone due to the effects of the Gulf Stream. Norwegian mountains are also much younger and steeper.

What a backdrop for your house! (Look down)

The roads are crammed in between the mountain and the fjords. It’s real spring and not only springwinter here with some degrees above 0C, what a difference for me. I have acclimatized to living in colder Kiruna in between my trips to warmer climates like 4 weeks in the Maldives or Scuba diving on PhiPhi.

Since I haven’t been in these areas since I was a little girl I just picked a route from the weather report. I want to experience something new! I was lucky enough to have the sun point me in a direction that amongst others landed me on Utöja. A very beautiful island I wouldn’t have seen to otherwise.

From Utöja I took the ferry to Harstad, a comparatively larger community. It has some shopping centers and of course a small but beautiful harbour with many connecting ferries to other parts of northern Norway.

I took different routes driving north than south. The most northern point I got to was Borkenäs and perplexing enough it was the warmest and most rural of all, with farmland stretching down towards the water. This is because going out towards Lofoten it gets dramatically warmer and milder – not making it tropical but much greener. I think the reindeer was confused or lost however, or maybe he has hit the jackpot?

The whole road trip is on the map below, continue to Bridges to see the way south. My new Nikkor zoom lens made some pictures possible but it has a lot of noise as well, mt 28mm 2:8 is still my favorite.


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