Gothenburg #westSweden

Travelling from Kiruna Swedish Lapland to Gozo Malta I stopped by my old home town Gothenburg. I arrived at the perfect time for enjoying the sun in southern Sweden instead of soggy snow and muddy thaw as snowmelt is starting in the north. Hopefully when I return the snow has receded enough to run in the mountains. I’m very much looking forward to this!

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city at its mere 500 000 inhabitants. This signifies how small Sweden is in a world perspective. It’s a small and friendly city with a lot of old buildings and green parks in between. Of course us Swedish love “fika” and with good weather people flock to either go to the park with fika or beer and just relax and enjoy.

During my stay here I’ve been outdoors much, but in the city sense. One day we took the car to “Nordens Ark” http:// that is a conservation the park for near extinct species. They breed the animals and the park is made for the animals and not for us. With nice weather it was a pleasure to visit amongst others amur leopards and Tigers and all the other animals. They have a pack of wolfs but never guarantee that you will see them. Taking photos of animals is such a hassle. I’m a cat person and they have many cat species and we were both children and grownups enjoying the experience. It’s a 3km walk to get around the whole park and there’s a farm and animal feedings as well. All of this is about a 90 minutes drive north of Gothenburg.

Another day we went to Särö reserve which is 25km south of Gothenburg. Another beautiful stroll in nature. There are many small reserves for different kinds of environments, but of course this has nothing on Swedish Lapland except its availability.

Gothenburg is a cosy town and I would say it’s the friendliest in Sweden. Like the rest of Sweden it’s small but well planned and keep high standards.


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