Scuba Kings Gozo

Scuba Kings is a dive centre on Gozo run by Richard King (UK) and most of the staff comes from the UK. With the motto “where the diver is king” they take you exploring the incredibly clear and blue water around the island. Staff at the dive center are friendly and professional. Scuba Kings Dive Malta-Gozo

Gozo is good for diving all year round but you will need a different suit depending on water temperature. There are some world famous dives to be had! Many of the dives are deep so it’s easiest if you have your deep speciality course done alternatively if you want to do it here as many do.

I did a few recreational dives before starting a technical course with a very experienced instructor. It’s too bad I haven’t been well in a while and able to dive as much as I liked. I’ve been hanging around the dive center in between even though not diving and everyone has been really nice to me and we have had a lot of fun discussing diving.

I’m getting more and more interested in dedicating even more of my year to diving. I think I dive too little to improve and do the things I’d like to. I see how much some people love their jobs diving. Working with your hobby could destroy your love for it and this has been my foremost excuse not to take the step before. Very few end up working more than a year or two mainly for financial reasons or after problems with visa requirements. But just because I do the course I don’t have to work with it, it can be a part of my development as a diver.

Being a dive professional is a lot of hard work and frustration but they are in the water and guiding or teaching people to do something they love. The thing with Scuba Kings is that almost no one is brand new here, most have been working for years and years. True love for the water and the life of being a dive instructor. Enjoying life on Gozo with the calm and the sun sure is a step up compared to the UK.

Diving is enjoyable, it can be everything from relaxation to exploration. Why not just float around in the sea enjoying the light and the bubbles? Leaving only shadows. #worldoceanday

Thank you Lukasz Lipinski at U-dive for lending me some of these pictures. Most of them are my own but Lukasz definitely deserves a thank you note! 


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