Through challenge we grow

So I started the techrec deep diver 40m and it turned out to be a really tough course. Had a discussion with my technical instructor about going technical is a bit like learning to dive all over. It’s challenging doing something you thought you knew already and have it feel unachievable until you learn the correct procedure with new equipment. The new limits move you past your old abilities. I’m trying to “master” many different underwater abilities but really I’m trying to improve myself.

We all need a challenge – we might not want it but we need it…

Learning new skills is something I think many adults stop doing. You get educated, you get a job, maybe a family and you have enough to handle without trying a lot of new things. But if you stop pushing the limits you will plateau. Become comfortable. If you’re not going forward the world will start closing in on you. The world is always changing.

I’m a restless soul finding it hard to do anything too long. I did everything you “should” do, got an education, got a job, got married… It didn’t work out the way I thought and I just felt trapped and stagnant. Nowadays I make it very important to explore and get inspired to never stop learning and moving forward.

With more input you will sometimes change your mind about things you used to believe firmly. Nothing is static. I go to places, learn new skills, rethink, change.

Being willing to adapt is a very important trait in a person. It doesn’t come naturally, it takes work. We are built to enjoy things staying the same. It’s a human thing. We have to actively change, go through the growing pains, endure the self-doubt and confusion and stress – to actually grow. Nothing worth it is ever easy. Remember you only fail if you stop trying.

I started reflecting after finishing my tech course. Thinking  of the little girl who learnt to snorkel in the Caribbean with my brothers but never thought I could learn to dive. Now I’m at almost 100 dives and just finished my first tech course. Pretty awesome to be allowed to dive with 50% O2 now!

Life is hard. There are obstacles that seem insurmountable and that’s why it feels so good when you finally get over whatever it was and have achieved something. Especially if you never thought you could make it. This struggle is a skill in itself. Something we have to work on to become good at. There aren’t separate “running the 10km” and “something else goals” – the approach is the same. It’s about not stopping and not telling yourself it can’t be done. It’s ok to cry about it in between, to curse it – if only you start over and do it again anyway. That’s my take on it.

Do things you are afraid to! Chase those so called “stupid dreams”. Encourage yourself that you can do anything and you can.

I see too many victims in the world, when everything doesn’t go their way they blame it on something. It’s never their own fault. There is never something they can do about it.

They are trapped in circumstances like cattle behind an electric fence. Cattle could go straight through it but they don’t.

Sucking it up doesn’t always just mean keep going in the same direction. Sometimes it means choosing to change direction. Be it personal or professional matters.

It might seem like my mind always go on about struggle. I reflect but focus on inspiration and motivation. I believe in making hard choices and questioning yourself about what we spend our life doing, to be happy.

I just listened to this TED talk on the plane home by Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love TED. There is a lot to learn through struggle but it can’t just be hard all the time – we need our goals and we need to celebrate our progress.

We also should be grateful to be able to view the world like this – had I been born in a different place or different time my options would have been different.

Thank you Lukasz from U-dive  for the photos of me and for lending me some photos which show how going deep feels. I edited them a little to make them my own style.


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