City life in Valetta and history everywhere


I went to the neolithic ruins in Hal Tarxien Temples and they are impressive being thousands of years old. There has been four megalithic temples that are built between 3600-2500 BC which then were used again from 2400-1500 BC. They were discovered by farmers in 1913.


I wanted to go to the Hypogeum but I didn’t know there are only a limited amount of showings every day and they are fully booked since long.

Malta’s capital Valetta is unique. The Parliament building and other buildings of national importance is in between the old fortifications. This mingled with busy tourists in the cramped streets.

And then we have the view!

Valetta isbeautiful! The capital has several fortified islands. It reflects a bloody history since Malta is a strategic spot and has been under attack by just about everyone. The Knights of Saint John that “saved” the island crusade style.

While Gozo is considered quiet, Malta is busy. Last year I was here a few days and stayed in Valetta, this year I stayed in Marsaxlokk. A small village outside Valetta which is close to some of the heritage sites. On Malta you have access to more services and happenings but as a diver I love the charm of Gozo. The easy access to the dive sites, the beautiful surroundings and enjoying a beer by the sea at sunset.

The Maltese are a welcoming people and you can ask them for help if you get lost or like to find something. They seem proud and patriotic. Many Maltese live in other countries, especially the old British colonies, and they seem very interested in the world. Both English and Maltese are official languages which makes it easy for most tourists and many from the UK live permanently on Malta.

Malta has a lot of history but they are also living in history. Much is at least 30 years behind Swedish standard. The bus services on Malta are slow but cheap and reliable. Healthcare is questionable.The Catholic church is a strong influence on Malta. The country has catholicism written into its constitution like some other highly religious countries. On Gozo they have built the third greatest freestanding dome only outdone by the Vatican. Many stores are closed on Sundays and the Maltese favor the traditional.


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