Diving – I’m all in!

Diving – I’m all in!

I have had a surface interval of 10 weeks now a couple of times but it will be 13 weeks until next dive trip this time. I normally work longer over summer because it’s the time when others take a vacation and demand is high. Living in Swedish Lapland I can enjoy the mountains day or night – it doesn’t get dark. A summer spent here is an adventure waiting to happen. 

I’m still sick, I have pneumonia,  got a secondary infection right as I got back to work and the pain from the previous infection had receded. I’m not too surprised to get sick again after this as I encounter pathogens all day at work. I normally don’t get sick that often but when I get started and the immune system has taken a turn I sometimes end up sick many times over. I got worried last time though, have never had anything like it – I looked like a seriously sick person.

Medicine is true wonder! after just one day of antibiotics I feel so much better.

In many ways I love my job. It makes me realise life is precious, that today is a gift. And that I can make a difference.

I see people after they  get into car crashes, have strokes or get early onset alzheimer. I sometimes have to tell them things their doctors don’t and we discuss how their diseases affect daily life. The first years on the job I saw this as very depressing.  I can now both see it as a reminder to be grateful of what I have and as a good job to give people answers or just a smile when nothing else can be done. 

I have a new job lined up and will be moving down south again. Too bad to move but I have had a year of adventure here and now I miss my friends back home.

I have just booked a do over trip to Malta for September since I didn’t get to dive as I wanted in May. I love my life! Very unexpected my “take control of you own life and do what YOU like attitude” has rubbed off on people close to me. My family and friends and sometimes people I don’t know just think it’s inspiring. So – take the step – go all in. Choose your life!

I really like taking photos, I became a member of the 500px community (my profile 500px). Wonderful seeing all the talented photographers there and I feel honored when real photographers “like” my photos. I have improved and the good camera helps but still it’s about finding that great shot and making it into what you like to show! it’s hard. But I see the difference in quality of old pics and new ones. This is a oldie but I still like it. The calm of the sea and the beautiful clouds of the Maldives. Paradise on the sea.








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