I  Found this woman on Twitter, or actually she found me. Truly inspiring. She seems limitless.Anna Mcnuff

Myself I don’t cope well with pressure of many kinds, but I try to get through it. Right now I have real problems not being capable, some things in my life make me feel tired and useless. Since I value being capable so highly and I don’t like loosing control. For years now I have exposed myself to things I have problems with – to get stronger. But I still think it’s hard every time I push it. Even though I have moved my limits. What more can we do than work with what we got and move on from there? Don’t limit yourself – dream on! There is ample opportunity to be seized.


Author: experiencetravellerblog

Diving, hiking, trail running - love a good view! Travel to experience tropical waters and high alpine environments. To see the world and myself from different perspectives. Join the experience!

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