Gozo diving – below and beyond!

Since  I was sick in May when I last visited Gozo I decided to have a do over and get some more dives and actual relaxation in. You don’t return to work rested after having a serious infection and then catching a secondary infection on top of that. Coming back to a stressful at work was hard. The summer is always a tough time because employees go on vacation.  I decided to leave this company and go back to my old employer which seems like a good idea – and as I start on Monday I will have to adjust to a new work situation. This time I come home from Gozo I feel much more rested and ready to get to work.

Diving has been an adventure and I have  also been walking a lot I’ve seen some sights I hadn’t seen before on Gozo, but mostly I have just felt at home. It’s both good and bad. I don’t feel I’m on vacation,  but I do relax and understand much of how to get around and all such things that can be complicated in a new place.

I know many of the dive sites on Gozo, but I got to see some new ones this trip as well. The island has some very well known places to see and dive. Dwejra with the azur window and the blue hole is one of them. Shore diving takes some carrying around gear and climbing ladders. You go around the island depending on wind direction. The island is in the middle of the Mediterranean and with a few m/s the waves grow big on the effected side while the opposite side will be protected.

I hadn’t been to Xlendi Bay or Ramla Bay  before so I went there a day with northwestern wind which limits the dive sites. Walked from Marsalforn and one of the days I happened upon the Maltese independence days – apparently they have two. Being free from the Italians and from the British. Not all countries celebrate twice! Beer (local Cisk), music and dancing as always with celebrations.

Getting on the plane to Sweden in Frankfurt I realize that I don’t feel I’m one of them anymore. Maybe it’s just that Swedes in a airport can be very annoying? People struggling to get on the plane ethen though you still get the same seat. Talking about the lounges and trying to get recognition for flying businessclass for work. But maybe that is the highlight of their lives? Swedish are structured and efficient and goal oriented, it can be good but it sometimes creates a culture of bragging about all their accomplishments that I don’t like. Maybe it’s me who’s the strange one? I do love many of the Swedish ways but I could definitely go live in another country. I just have to have a financially viable alternative to doing what I do. To work and get to travel in between isn’t bad at all.

Also went to see a Unesco world heritage site on Gozo – Ggantija Temples. Older than the pyramids!


Went to work in Filipstad as soon as I got back from Gozo. A small community in southern Sweden, part of Värmland. The adventure continues. Turned out to be great to come back to work and help out wherever I’m needed. Visiting small communities. Working and experiencing things I don’t know…  Studied to my dive master course sitting outdoors in a nearby nature reserve.


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