Diveteam Lysekil – PADI Pro


smal-bild-lysekil-nov2I finally took the step! The first step of being a professional in the dive business. I wanted to get the most out of a ten day intensive course. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun and I ended up being both a Divemaster and Assistant Instructor. I chose to  learn from Diveteam Lysekil – a highly accredited dive center here in Sweden. We were two students and a Course Director as main instructor. It’s a team spirit dive center with great owners and staff who also pitched in. Thank you all!

There are many requirements as we move on to taking care of other divers under water. It’s a responsibility and a completely new perspective on diving. “The way the world learns to dive”. Teaching and making diving safe, easy and fun!

I wasn’t used to the Swedish conditions, a bit of a struggle. Equipment, carrying loads of weight, adjusting buoyancy with two systems and low visibility under water. I learned to dive here but then I moved and have been doing mostly tropical diving which requires less from me as a diver. Since I never learned to dive in Sweden properly it was a wake up call. But I didn’t get cold feet! Or well, my drysuit was leaking through the neck seal…

Lysekil is a beautiful place, I could move here.

Our instructor had to push us to discomfort. Put some pressure on us and let us fail or learn – or fail and learn. I was at the center all day and then studied or prepared all night. Exhausting but still fun! As always a battle of the mind and the body – but anyone can do anything if they just put the hours in.

The first day of the course we (and others) attended a Seashepherd lecture that Diveteam had arranged. This day was also a yearly harbour cleanup event. Bringing up everything from an electric razor to a speaker, glass and cans… Pouring out little crabs and seastars and returning them to their home. Remember – as divers the ocean is our second home but it’s many creatures’ only home. We – humans – the planet – benefit greatly from the oceans – if you are hurting the oceans you are hurting yourself.

Sea Shepherd gave a talk about illegal whaling in the Antarctic and how plastic is polluting the oceans on a grand scale. Cleaning up beaches and harbours we see how much trash someone has thrown out.

Do your best to refuse reuse recycle reduce!

Trash travels and ends up on other places. Like in Arctic Norway where these pictures are from. It is a global issue and we can’t blame each other – the only way is cooperation.


“If you only going to use this plastic once – try to not use it!” (Wisdom from Sea Shepherd)



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