Red Sea liveaboard – and the luxury of having SS Thistlegorm to ourselves


Recently came back from a luxurious week on a live aboard in Red Sea Egypt. A wonderful dive vacation packaged in a practical format. We have been diving 3 or 4 times per day for a week. Starting from Hurghada and exploring the “northern route” with wrecks and reefs. This trip was arranged for Dive Team Lysekil – the dive club which certifies most divers per year in Sweden (Diveteam). 13 capable Swedish divers of certification levels from OWD to CD. A great bunch! some whom I knew previously but also a lot of new acquaintances.  Diving is a sport where you meet people, have fun and make friends. Swedish divers are easy to dive with and since we all live in southern Sweden keeping in touch will be easier.

I bring my Gopro and go to work. It has been such a pleasure to run the day by the motto “dive-eat-sleep-repeat”. The week progressed quickly. For me, having had a surface interval of almost four months the first dive was a bit shaky. Wearing equipment not fully adjusted to be worn over a 5 mm wet suit. After adjusting my bcd a couple of times it felt perfect again and I could once again could fly through the water.

I love the beauty and the relaxing effect of being immersed in water. After a few dives I ended up diving in a team of three. Together we pressed through small passages in wrecks, enjoyed the stillness of the reefs and had a great time. On this trip I started getting into wreck diving for real. I’ve done the wreck specialty course but I haven’t previously been on natural wrecks and found the connection to history with great ships sunk by their enemies. I have officially started my wreck diving career. Managing the darkness and sometimes tight passages to experience the adventure! Besides the multitude of wrecks we also had the company of dolphins, rays, napoleon fish and many other creatures of the sea.

SS Thistlegorm

We ended up having the dive site to ourselves. Being alone there is as historic as Thistlegorm itself. Due to harsh weather other boats were grounded and remained in harbor.  Our ships captain personally scootered down himself to assess that the boat was secure for the night. And the passage back was really bad as I am very sea sick – but I would say it was worth it.

The sea taketh and giveth. SS Thistlegorm was abandoned but was discovered and is treasured by divers. It is home to many but became the end for others. RIP.

More wrecks

Ghiannis D, Carnatic, Chisula K, Don Raven, and also smaller less complete wrecks. It was a true experience to penetrate wrecks and both explore history and myself in an overhead environment. The beauty of light coming into darkness is photogenic. The Gopro definetely performs better in a higher light environment but still does quite good.

Dolphins on the hit list

We had the pleasure to witness dolphins, even mothers with calves, and it was my first time. Awesome! The dolphins come and have a look at what we are doing. I imagine them telling their calves “look at them – this is how you DON’T swim”…

They are playful animals that deserve to roam free. We are visiting their home and we should respect them.

Reefs full of life

Tourism is very important to Egypt and they try to keep the Red Sea in good condition for us to dive it. I hope you all do your part in keeping the ocean clean and not disturbing coral. It has taken many years to get to the point of beautiful reefs but only takes moments to destroy them.

I’ve been diving with great people for a week, thank you all! And a special thanks to “my” dive team: we dive together – we dine together 🙂

As I got home I went to see the new movie about Jacques – L’oddysse and smiled through the entire movie. Portraying the start of scuba diving and the beauty of going below the surface. On the boat we had our own Cousteau… Constantly shooting video. But of course, we had to take a picture of him in his red hat under water.

Living on a boat for a week reignited my love of live aboards. We didn’t see much of Egypt except the sea, but we loved it all.


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